Bayou Vermilion Water Level  

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration reports the water level for the Bayou Vermilion at the Surrey Street Bridge. You can go to this site by clicking on the following link:

Click Here For Bayou Vermilion Water Level Report : NOAA

Surrey Street Bridge

The site provides when the Bayou Vermilion is in normal flow or when it is in a Flood Stage and rates the flood stages from “Moderate” to “Major”. The water level and flow rate of water in the Bayou Vermilion can vary dramatically during periods of heavy rainfall in the areas adjacent to and draining into the Bayou Vermilion. Caution is advised during such periods.

Recreation events and travel on the Bayou Vermilion is not recommended when the bayou reaches and exceeds the Flood Stage.

The image is a photo of the Bayou Vermilion south of East Broussard Road at Flood Stage.

Impact of various water levels for Bayou Vermilion. (Information provided by NOAA numeric values provided are in feet as measured at the Surrey Street Bridge gauge) 

Water Level Description
24.9 ft Recorded August 9, 1940. The Bayou Vermilion reached its all time flood of record. Water was measured several feet deep in portions of Crowley, Lafayette, Kaplan and otehr nearby communities. Portions of Hwy 167 between Lafayette and Abbeville were reported as being 5 feet underwater.
18.4 ft The Bayou Vermilion reported at its 100 year flood level. Major flooding occured throughout the region.
16.0 ft At this level there is a widespread major flooding in all of the low lying areas.
14.0 ft Moderate flooding in Lafayette, with significant flooding near where coulees and bayous intersecting with the Bayou Vermilion.z
13.5 ft Flooding in some yards near the Bayou Vermilion will occur. Significant flooding in Beaver Park and in Vermilionville will occur.
11.5 ft Minor floodig of Beaver Park and Vermilionville near the Bayou Vermilion will occur.
10.0 ft Minor flooding of Heymann Park off of Highway 90 will occur.


Top 10 Historical Crests for Bayou Vermilion
24.87 feet August 9, 1940
16.80 feet March 13, 1947
16.37 feet April 8, 1942
15.81 feet January 20, 1993
15.56 feet May 17, 1980
15.35 feet June 10, 2001
15.00 feet January 21, 1993
14.84 feet April 22, 1977
14.56 feet December 6, 1971
14.26 feet February 16, 1966