Lafayette is a place that has a lot to offer. The amazing places are an absolute treat for the eyes. The common question that every person who is visiting Lafayette would be asking is “what are the places to visit in Lafayette LA?” We have tried our level best to answer this question by listing out the places that can be visited in Lafayette LA.

Downtown Lafayette Museums

Generally, museums are considered to beboring. But there are good possibilities that your perceptions might changeafter visiting the museums at Lafayette. They can render an amazing experienceand be a delight in many aspects. The ideal place to start would be AcadianaCentre which could give the perfect kick-start for your tour. Other museumslike the Children’s Museum of Acadiana and Lafayette Science Museum andPlanetarium can give you an experience of a lifetime.

 Blue Moon Saloon

The Blue Moon Saloon is one of the popular and iconic names in Lafayette.  It was opened in April 2002. It is located on the back porch of the Blue Moon Guesthouse. It holds a very important place in America when it comes to music. The saloon serves as a meeting spot for travelers, artists, and politicians. There are good possibilities that you might meet some famous personality in the saloon. Even though some big names in the world visit this place often, the saloon has a very casual environment and an ambiance where people can have fun. You can dance, drink and have the time of your life at Blue Moon Saloon.

blue moon

Jean Lafayette National Historical Park and Acadian cultural Centre

Are you curious about the history and origins of Acadian (Caujuns)?

Cultural Center

The Acadian Cultural Centre is the placewhere you can find all the answers. It furnishes you with every detail aboutthe origins, settlements, migration and the unique culture that they had. Thereare also some engaging events like ranger programs in which you canparticipate. The films, documentaries, and the exhibits paint the perfectpicture of the history and their traditions. If you have kids with you, theywould love to participate in exploring the mysteries of Atchafalaya Basin.

Sans Souci Craft Gallery

Prepare to be amazed by the mind-blowing artistry of the local artisans. It will not be a surprise if you are captivated by the displays. The display consists of pottery, jewelry, glass, textile, metal works, and wooden carvings. These displays are famous throughout the world for their minute details. The 1200 square foot space in Lafayette is one of the oldest buildings in LA. It was built in the year 1886. The building itself has a history of 100 years. The building was renovated in 2001, and now it functions as the place that displays the work of Louisiana Craft Guild members.

Vermilion Ville

Vermilion Ville is a humongous 23-acre historic property that is located in the banks of Bayou Vermilion.  The place is known for portraying the Native American culture that lasted between 1765 and 1890. If a place that holds a history of 125 years cannot excite you, nothing else can. The place has live music, dance lessons, explanatory tours, and gift shops that can engage you in a lot of ways.