The earth has given us so many things for years, and all we can do is continue to exploit it for our own selfish needs. If we continue like this, we will have no future, and many people realized this and started to bring about awareness. We slowly began to hear terms like sustainability, ecological balance, depletion, recycling etc. and started to wonder what those terms really meant. Even though people hear these terms, they are not bothered about it as they think how the melting of snow caps somewhere far away would affect you? People believe that to save the world they need to do something big, but everyone can do something small in their homes, and it will make a significant impact on the environment.

The following are some of the ways of going green which every individual can do:

Save energy at home:

One of the first things you can do to go green is to change the incandescent light bulbs in your home as these lights consume more power. You can replace them with compact fluorescent light bulbs which consume lesser energy, and it also has a longer lifetime. Encourage the people at your home to switch off appliances which are not in use.

Save water:

You can do small things like installing sink aerators which will reduce the amount of water which comes out of the tap. Instead of taking showers every day try to have a bucket bath once or twice a week to save water. Get a low-flow showerhead fixed so that the amount of water that falls is reduced. If you have a garden try to use the method of drip irrigation as it is one of the best ways to water plants and you will also save a lot of water.

Use less fuel and gas:

Do not take your vehicle for everything. Consider walking for short distances as it is good for your health and you will end up saving a lot of fuel. Try to use the public transport as much as possible and also considering sharing your ride with others.

Do not waste food:

There are lots of people out there who do not know where their next meal will come from. If you are blessed with three meals a day, try not to waste it and if you think you cannot eat a lot, then reduce the amount you take in your plate.

Avoid using plastic:

Plastic materials might be available very cheap, but you should know that it takes years to degrade and it can pollute the environment. Try to use an alternative material. You can carry a cloth bag or a recycled paper bag instead of using plastic. Plastics get clogged in the water bodies, and this can affect the lives of many sea creatures.

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