Bayou Vermilion is a place filled with people who are dedicated to being fit. It still remains a mystery how people get into fitness at a very young age. Some say that they watch people day in day out working out and burning calories on a daily basis. Hence it subconsciously it impacts their minds and drives them towards being fit.

It is a fact that Bayou Vermilion has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism and a lot of other things. But there is also this other side of the place which many fail to notice. The place provides amazing opportunities for everyone to be fit. When we say fit, it refers to every aspect of being fit which includes physical activities, sports, gyms, healthy diet and a lot more.

Places to workout in Bayou Vermilion

It is the tendency of many people to associate workout with gyms and heavyweights. But the truth is that you cannot confine workout only with gyms. The bitter truth that we all need to accept is that running in an open place is better is better than running on the treadmill. The public parks at Bayou Vermilion serve as great spots to indulge in workout activities. Indulging in workouts with rich greenery and pure air has a lot of positive impacts on our body and mind.


The district of Bayou Vermilion houses theepublic parks. They are the Beaver Park in the Plantation road, The Rotary Pointin West Bayou Pkwy and the South Side Park. All of the parks are maintainedproperly by Government in partnerships with some firms. These parks serve asthe best places for people to indulge in physical activities to improve theirfitness. You can also see regular fitness camps conducted in these parks.

Paddling is one activity that takes a lot both physically and mentally. Fortunately, the district of Bayou Vermilion is blessed with five spots where people can paddle. The places where people can paddle are Lake Charlo, Lake Martin, Bayou Teche, Palmetto Island State Park, and Indian Bayou. Paddling is one of the very common activities that people involve themselves when it comes to fitness. Paddling has a lot of impacts which include core conditioning, aerobic fitness, weight loss, better cardiovascular functioning and improvement of the respiratory systems.


Area Organized Sports

The Government is partnering with a lot oforganizations and fitness enthusiasts to organize a lot of sports activitiesfor people of all ages.  Every year thereis active participation of people in these activities. The best part is thatthey do not participate just for the fun of it, they take necessary trainingand commit themselves to participate in these activities. They have both indoorand outdoor games.

When we speak about area organized sports the no way that we can skip the Cajun Country Half Marathon. This is one of the sports activities that people participate in large numbers. This is not just a normal marathon there are a lot of rules and regulations. It is mandatory that the participants must run at least a mile in fifteen minutes. Every year the local people and people all over the world participate in this marathon.

Gyms and workout centers

When it comes to being fit, it is an undeniable fact that the gyms and workout centers play an important role.  The Bayou Vermilion district houses more than sixty gyms. Every gym is equipped with the latest workout equipment and has experienced and certified trainers. Most of the gyms have very positive reviews and are committed to keeping their members in perfect shape.

Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet is a quintessential part of working out and being fit. The district of Bayou Vermilion has a lot of restaurants that serve healthy food.

Deano’s Pizza

In this list, Deano’s Pizza will definitely clinch the first position. Pizza which considered as the ultimate junk food is served in a healthy version at Deano’s. It is one of the few places in the world that offers gluten-free pizza. 

Smoked Yellowfin tuna taco bowl

A restaurant named Taco sisters offers some delicious and healthy dishes. Their signature dish Smoked Yellowfin tuna taco bowl is a low calorie, high protein dish that provides a proper serving of vitamin B.

tuna taco

Plate Lunch

Sandra’s Café is known for its organic, high fiber, low-calorie plate lunch. It is one of the most preferred restaurants for many fitness enthusiasts. The most desired plate includes turkey meatloaf, vegetable soup, and spinach.

Portobello Sandwich

Café Lola is one of the favorite restaurants which is able to hit the perfect balance of being healthy and tasty. The menu of Café Lola has a lot of healthy options from salads and sandwiches.The Portobello Sandwich of Café Lola definitely needs a special mention. It isa marinated mushroom sandwich which is considered to the healthiest sandwichever.

Honorary Mentions

There are also other restaurants that serve very healthy food like the Tokyo Japanese Steak House, and La Pizzeria.